Ben Tunis


About Ben

Ben Tunis is a Miami native who infuses the vibrancy and pop of this cultural mecca into his art. Ben has described that his first love of art began in the form of graffiti that he would observe riding home on the school bus. Falling in love with the art in the raw street form, Ben’s interest focused on this during his teenage years. After high school, Ben studied at the University of Florida. In Gainesville, Ben met other people with similar artistic interests that guided the maturity of his work.

In 1998, Ben and his friend Mark Rea painted the large piece titled “The Benchmark”. This piece won first prize in a local contest. From there, Ben began to show his work in local restaurants, clubs and shops.

After graduation, Ben moved back to South Florida and began a career in Education. He rediscovered his love of art and his techniques have changed dramatically. From Spray Paint, to acrylics and from wood to canvas, his designs have continued to grow.

Many years ago, Ben discovered his theory of Synchronicity, the belief that certain number patterns appear to you on a regular basis in everyday things. Ben’s numbers are 911 and 119. You can see these numbers appear in many of his works.

Ben is currently using acrylic skins and adding texture and dimension with what he calls Extreme Fluid Painting. His extensive collection of paintings can now be seen on this site. Please enjoy!

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